Design Services

PressEx Promo offers 3 levels of design services. These levels are based on your needs. They are:


With this service you get very minor text edits to existing documents or added text to a background or photograph. Keep in mind that in order to edit your existing text/document, your file must be in an editable document (not flattened), or we will not be able to edit your file. Please call customer service (866-266-6558) if you would like more information about this service.

Design Package

We will create a design from scratch for you. You would be responsible for supplying us with any copy text and images you would like to incorporate into your design (logos, photo’s, etc.)

Premium Design

With this service we will create your design from the ground up using your copy text and logo. This also includes the use of our stock photography library.

*All design packages are purchased at time of order. Once your order has been placed with a design package included, our art department will contact you to begin creating your design.