Direct Mail

PressEx Promo offers a variety of direct mail solutions that are individually tailored to each of our clients' needs.

The most important aspect of any successful direct mail campaign is your lead list combined with the right printed material. We will gladly assist you in determining what is right for your business. Based on our years of experience in helping a variety of businesses, we can offer you a fresh perspective on what we have seen that works and what hasn’t worked so well.

All advertising and promotion should be based on results and ROI (return on investment) not the cost. What works for the neighborhood pizza shop will not work the same for a family practice physician. Some businesses are better suited for coupon offers and discounts and some should never use such an offer. Let our expertise guide you on what has worked for other clients in your industry. One size does not fit all when it comes to intelligent marketing.

Postcard Mailings - PressEx Promo can design, print and mail your postcard to a highly targeted audience. Our dedicated support team can assist you in identifying your ideal recipient and then create a mail program that is guaranteed to achieve results. Whether we provide a lead list or you supply a list, all mail is CASS certified by us and meets all NCOA requirements of the USPS. Dupe/Delete and address correction is included in all of our mailing programs.

Brochure Mailings - Sometimes your message is just too big or too detailed to fit on a postcard. Maybe a postcard doesn’t meet your marketing requirements. In any event, we will work with you to design, print and mail your brochure to the right demographic. Our lead lists can be based geographically (proximity to your business), by age, income, gender, home value, credit rating or many other criteria.

Letter Mailing - We can offer you fully personalized letter mail that is sure to achieve the highest results. Personalized letters, while the most expensive mailing, also produces the best result when used wisely. While postcards and brochures are appropriate for some industries, personalized letters are a must for some businesses such as insurance, mortgage, investments and some healthcare providers.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and how we might help you achieve your business goals.